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May 7th is Pilates Day! It’s a day where the whole Pilates world, across the globe, celebrate Pilates and the impact that it has on all of our lives. The goal is also to promote awareness of Pilates and the benefits that it can provide to anyone, from any walk of life. We want everyone to know how Pilates can make them feel: strong, empowered, energetic, and much more.  

What is Pilates?

Pilates has a storied history and began as a program to help veterans, but it has morphed since its beginnings. Today, Pilates is a low impact non-aerobic exercise program that focuses on building strength core strength for any member of the population. Your core muscles are essential to balance, strength, flexibility, and overall health. In our world, where people are tied to desks and always looking at screens, core muscles often go neglected. Pilates can fix that.  

Pilates is a particularly useful exercise program because it scales. You can start out with Pilates even if you are a complete beginner to this kind of exercise. Over time as you gain control, strength, and flexibility, you can continue to challenge yourself with new poses and exercises. You can also expect to see benefits in your arms and legs, your overall energy levels, and your range of motion, when you regularly practice Pilates.  

Pilates is often compared to yoga, as both can focus on the core. You can certainly bring the mindfulness techniques of yoga with you to Pilates, but you’ll also get a more intense core workout. Plus, with Pilates you can use equipment to further challenge yourself or help you target specific areas.  

The Benefits of Pilates

There are many potential benefits of Pilates, including: 

  • Improved posture 
  • Improved flexibility 
  • Improved balance  
  • Improved range of motion 
  • Injury prevention 
  • Increased body awareness 
  • Increased energy levels  
  • Decreased stress 

Pilates can also reduce pain, depending on the cause of that pain and where you’re experiencing it. For example, Pilates has been known to reduce back pain, as well as alleviate menstrual cramps. 

The benefits of Pilates don’t stop there – the exercise is known to have many other positive effects. For example, reduced pain and increased flexibility and bodily awareness can in many cases lead to a healthier sex life. More energy and reduced stress can improve your motivation across the board. Overall, practicing Pilates can have a significant and wide-ranging impact on your life.  

Celebrate Pilates Day Yourself

Newcomers and long-time lovers of Pilates can both celebrate Pilates Day with us by signing up for a class. Or consider these personal challenges you might take on to enjoy Pilates Day: 

  • Journal about what Pilates has meant to you and how it has changed your personal journey.  
  • Challenge yourself to try a new Pilates exercise or perform one longer than you might normally.  
  • Invite close friends or families to join you in some Pilates movements.  
  • Share parts of your Pilates journey online over social media.  
  • Practice Pilates in a new place, like a riverside, meadow, or other natural place.  

If you want to get in on a class, you can sign up for one with ABsolute Pilates. Contact us today 

Pink Pilates

October 31, 2021

For ten years now, the team at ABsolute Pilates has been inspired by the cancer survivors that we support. We’re determined to keep giving back and continuing to support cancer research and screening, to better serve our communities and lend support to those who need it. Despite global events preventing us from holding our typical Pink Pilates fundraiser again this year, the team here at ABsolute Pilates is still dedicated to raising funds and awareness for the cause.  

How Pilates Supports Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors

Both breast cancer patients, and survivors, will find that Pilates is a worthwhile pursuit to help them physically and mentally while they undergo treatment or recover. Specifically, Pilates helps to: 

  • Drain lymph nodes: Shoulder exercises explored in Pilates can help drain the lymph nodes under the arm and support general health.   
  • Break down scar tissue: Those same localized shoulder motions can help breakdown scar tissues from surgery and other treatments.  
  • Regain strength, flexibility, and range of motion: Cancer treatments can limit a person’s physical ability, and not having the energy to exercise anymore can do the same. Pilates can help to regain essential physical skills to move better.   
  • Increase energy levels: Exercise will help patients to accomplish more in the day, even when struggling with fatigue.  
  • Improve sleep: Similarly, exercise will help to tire the body, so sleep comes more easily at night.  
  • Reduce muscle tension and fatigue: Whether it’s sitting in a chair to get chemo or using exhausted muscles to just bring in groceries, those with cancer often develop muscle tension and fatigue. Pilates can help by strengthening and engaging all muscles of the body.  
  • Minimize weight gain: Pilates is a good way to counteract lower activity levels in a patient’s lifestyle, and to build strength without necessarily gaining much weight.  
  • Increase confidence: Body confidence, strength, and movement will increase through engaging with Pilates.  

We find that participating in Pilates is a core part of many cancer patients’ and cancer survivors’ mental recovery as well as their physical recovery. No matter how treatments or recovery are going, Pilates can help promote inner strength, resilience, and peace. You can’t control cancer, but you can control how you respond and live in the face of it. 

How Our Fundraiser Helps  

To date, we have raised over 30 thousand dollars for the Juravinski Breast Assessment Centre, which is one of the most advanced breast screening and assessment centres of its kind in Canada. The Centre has multiple specialists on-site, and gives patients a better experience, where they wait less for results and feel less anxiety about the process. Screening and follow-up are available for men and women who are suspected of having breast cancer. Genetic testing and high-risk screening is also available for women. The government does not fund the cutting-edge equipment available at the Centre, but you can through our fundraiser.  

Contact us to donate now to help support cancer patients and survivors in your community.  

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