Mat Beginner Package

This beginner package is intended to familiarize clients with the pilates principles and equipment. The STOTT PILATES®️️ principles will be incorporated into energetic workouts. This package includes 3 private sessions (1 Hour each for the price of 1/2 hour each).

Fundamental Matwork

This class is designed as an introduction to STOTT PILATES® for those with little or no experience. Strengthen your mind-body connection while exploring Pilates as a new way to gain strength, flexibility and improve posture.

Matwork Challenge

Builds on the intensity and flow of Essential level exercises to further challenge your strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination.



This class will be taught by Jennifer Alford, Registered Physiotherapist. This class will allow clients to exercise safely and will teach clients how they can “Reduce Fracture Risk, Increase Bone Density, and Look and Feel Great!”

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