We wanted to say thank you to all those who participated in our March Madness event! It was a lot of fun seeing everyone get involved by posting lots of different exercises and activities that you were doing in your everyday life or that you added to your fitness routine. Our goal with March Madness was to challenge our followers on Facebook to engage in a minimum of 31 minutes of physical activity daily. It has been such a long and cold winter, that we wanted to encourage people to get involved in something fun and active. Here at Meadowlands Physio and Absolute Pilates, we strive to help our clients achieve healthy and active lifestyles. We decided to use social media for this event to make it easy to share new and exciting ways of being physically active. As well, by posting to the event page, it helped everyone stay accountable. This also made it feel as if you were being active with a friend which always makes exercise more enjoyable! We had a variety of activities shared, from chasing around little ones, house chores, beach runs, fitness classes, Pilates, hiking etc. Hopefully all of you have continued being active and please share any new and exciting ways of being active on our Facebook wall!

Kaitlin Barnard
Physiotherapy Assistant – B. Phys. Ed