As a mother of a 4 & 2 year old I know firsthand how difficult it is to take time to exercise, eat healthy, and find time for extra sleep. I struggle to find a balance just as much as everyone else, but finding that balance can make a world of difference. We all know that we are better mothers when we take time to exercise and take care of our health. Pilates could help you re-gain that balance after having your bundle of joy.

After having a baby, many moms are consumed with overwhelming emotions, thoughts, baby duties, and fatigue. They are also dealing with postural changes in their bodies as a result of all the lifting and carrying of a newborn. Many new moms find that back pain or sciatica can be an unwelcome part of motherhood. Pilates emphasis is on the deep abdominal muscles, in particular the transverse abs, which helps to stabilize the lumbar spine and deal with back issues.

Along with all the practical physical benefits that Pilates can bring to new moms it is also a great way to get some much needed ‘me time’. The huge emotional peaks and troughs of early motherhood can be a lot to cope with so the concentrated and calm space of a Pilates class can be invaluable for those looking to de-stress and re-connect with their body.

Laurie McDonald
B.Kin, B.Ed., Clinic and Studio Manager, and STOTT PILATES® Instructor