Yoga offers endless health benefits. Studies show that routine yoga practice reduces stress, improves flexibility and range of motion, increases strength, and reduces the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.

New to yoga? If so then you should know that there are different types of yoga, each with unique features and focuses. Finding the yoga practice that is right for you will depend on your level and goals – what do you want to get out of your yoga class?

Yoga is perfect for all skill levels

One of the many great things about yoga is that it’s kind to all skill levels. You don’t need to be limber and flexible to attend a class, all you need is a little bit of curiosity. Hatha yoga, which generally refers to yoga poses (positions you hold for a certain length of time) is great for beginners. It’s usually very gentle and basic with minimal flow (movement) between the poses. Hatha yoga is great for increasing:

  • Flexibility
  • Range of motion
  • Strength.

Unlike Hatha yoga, where a typical class would include up to 20 – 30 poses, restorative yoga usually focuses on five or six poses, using props that will allow you to relax into the pose and hold it for longer periods of time (up to five minutes).

Restorative yoga classes focus more on the meditative and healing aspects of yoga. Restorative yoga is great for improving:

  • Specific health conditions like chronic back or neck pain, anxiety and high blood pressure
  • Alignment between your body, breath and mind.

Yoga is truly the all-inclusive exercise. There’s a yoga class for everyone, regardless of your body type, health condition, or level of activity. Find a yoga class that aligns with your health goals. Absolute Pilates has day and evening yoga classes and workshops in Ancaster. View our yoga class schedule and call us today to register.