​Pilates helps increase flexibility, balance, mobility, and coordination. It can build strength, decrease back pain, strengthen your core, prevent injury, decrease body fat, and increase cardiovascular health.

Pilates is flexible (no pun intended). It can be tailored to every body shape, experience level, or age. In fact, you don’t even necessarily need equipment or a Pilates machine. To get the best results, however, you should be using some equipment.

Pilates Workout Without Equipment

If you don’t have time to make it to a studio for a full Pilates class, you can still do a simple Pilates workout at home. All you need is yourself and, preferably, a mat. There are a number of core strengthening exercises that you can do at home on your own.

Single leg circles, criss-cross, the saw, and mermaid are among the simple exercises that you can do by yourself for a quick workout. However, there are limitations to what you can do at home. A Pilates workout without equipment might be a little bit light when it comes to getting stronger, tightening your core, and burning calories.

Not sure where to start when it comes to selecting or using Pilates equipment? Here are some great options:


Pilates was created in the 1920’s and refined until the 1960’s by Joseph Pilates, and it quickly spread amongst ballet dancers looking to improve their flexibility, build core strength, and warm up their muscles. Since then it has grown to become one of the most popular and effective low-impact functional exercise programs.

Barre classes blend Pilates with dance and cardio to build strength and increase overall fitness. Using the ballet barre is a throwback to the origins of Pilates. But it is not just a symbolic gesture. Combining Pilates with dance is a fun and highly effective method of building a well-rounded routine.

Pilates Machine

There are some complex Pilates moves that simply can’t be done without equipment, or even with the help of a ballet barre. Pilates machines like the Reformer make complex movements possible and add resistance to build strength.

Pilates machines can be quite expensive, but thankfully, we have the available in our studio at Absolute Pilates and in our classes we’ll show you how to use them safely and properly so you get the full benefit of your workout. The Reformer is one of the most comprehensive and trusted Pilates machines, and with the aid of a professional to guide you through your workout you’ll tighten your core, build muscle, and lose fat.

Pilates Ring

If you are looking for some Pilates equipment that you can use at home then the Pilates ring is a good choice. This device that gives some simple exercises an added kick and has its own dedicated movements as well. The Pilates ring is a fraction of the cost of Pilates machine like the Reformer however, it is less versatile and doesn’t offer the same effective results.

Exercise Ball and Bosu

An exercise ball and bosu are not necessary for every Pilates workout but they can significantly increase your balance, coordination, core strength and even bone density – especially when they are used in a class led by a Pilates expert. Like the Pilates ring, the exercise ball and bosu are affordable at home options for Pilates enthusiasts.

Other Equipment

In addition to the Pilates machine, Pilates ring, and the exercise ball and bosu, there are many more pieces of Pilates equipment that can enhance your workout. Chief among them is TRX equipment which is used for building core and upper body strength. However, like a Pilates machine, TRX equipment is pricey, and best utilised as part of a class.

Almost anyone can do a basic Pilates workout on their own. But for a more advanced workout you should be using Pilates equipment, and a Pilates machine in particular. Due to the high cost of buying your own equipment, your best option is to join a Pilates class, like the ones offered at Absolute Pilates where you will benefit from the expertise of a professional Pilates trainer.