Are you interested in trying a different approach to exercise and exploring new ways to get fit? Have you considered combining cardio with strength training to sculpt your muscles and achieve incredible results, based on your own personal fitness level and at your own pace? If so, TRX training may be just what you are looking for.

TRX (Total Resistance eXercise) training was developed in the late 1990’s by Randy Hetrick, a Navy SEAL, entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast who was faced with the challenge of maintaining his conditioning while deployed in Asia with no access to training facilities. Hetrick used the supplies he had on hand – including a jujitsu belt and nylon webbing intended to repair a parachute – and developed the first TRX prototype, which was affectionately nicknamed “the gizmo.”

About TRX

The age-old concept of TRX is fairly basic: it uses two suspended straps, your own body weight and gravity to create resistance and challenge muscle groups. TRX can easily be adapted to suit anyone, whether you are new to fitness or an athlete in top shape. It is user-defined, allowing you to decide how hard or how easy you want your workout to be. Just adjusting your body and centre of gravity to increase or decrease resistance. It is also a great workout for people who enjoy a variety of different fitness styles. Whether you are drawn to low impact exercises like yoga or tai chi, or high-endurance exercises such as running, cycling or weight training, TRX does it all and does it well.

TRX is also a great full-body workout that challenges not only your muscles, but your cardiovascular system as well. Creator Randy Hetrick explains that TRX training “integrates so many muscles, which require oxygen,” resulting in “superefficient, integrated strength and cardio moves.” By performing compound weight resistance movements that increase your heartrate and breathing, you are not only getting the immediate physical effects of the training, you are also working groups of muscles which will continue to burn for the rest of the day.

Benefits of TRX

There are many benefits to TRX training:

  • Full-body workout – develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.
  • Time efficient – engages multiple muscle groups through compound movements to get a more effective workout in less time.
  • Focuses on core strength – which in turn supports and strengthens the whole body.
  • Improves flexibility – the suspended straps encourage deeper stretching and increases range of motion.
  • Convenient – the TRX system can be set up anywhere and benefits people of all fitness levels.

TRX training offers a fun, fast and effective approach to exercise. There is no bulky or costly equipment to invest in and most gym facilities and fitness centres offer TRX classes to challenge your body in new ways. TRX is safe for everyone, no matter your current fitness level and you are in control of the amount of resistance your muscles will experience.

Overall, TRX is a great cardiovascular and strength training exercise that has taken the fitness world by storm! Contact Meadowlands Physiotherapy today to discuss the benefits of TRX training and join a class that fits with your schedule.